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HW Klein Replica
The multi-talented Norwegian designer Henry Walter Klein fell into the field of furniture design. The linguist and mathematician, born in Norway in 1919, gained several degrees throughout his life and was known to be a master of allsorts.  It was while serving in the Norwegian Royal Marines, however, that he first tried his hand as a cabinetmaker. Two years after joining, he was admitted to Denmark’s prestigious TEC design school, where he was taught by leading Danish architect and interior designer, Finn Juhl.   After completing his education, Klein developed a new method for manufacturing plastic furniture. Eventually he was able to sell the copyright for his method to leading furniture companies. Indeed, he gained particular success with one Danish company and worked with them for many years after. Over a long career, Klein designed many pieces, the most notable of which was the Klein Dining Chair. Featuring a solid timber frame, the timeless quality of the chair rendered it an instant classic in the world of modern design.
  • Bramin Dining Chair
    HW Klein Replica
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    Bramin Dining Chair