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World-renowned Dutch architect, urban planner and designer Mart Stam was born in 1899. Extraordinarily well-connected, he is widely credited with huge contributions to 20th Century European design and architecture. His style has been categorized as ‘New Objectivity’, formed during the 1920’s economic depression and as a branch of the Expressionist movement. With many large-scale and high-profile architectural commissions to his name, Stam naturally dipped into industrial design throughout his long career. In 1923, he designed the S33 Chair. The chair - fashioned from stainless steel and two simple pieces of leather to create a seat - marked the beginning of a modernist movement, gradually evolving away from the solid wood pieces that typified early 20th Century design. Indeed, it could even be said that Stam set the groundwork for the many Scandinavian designers that would follow in his footsteps.
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