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Eames Office Aluminium Chair EA 105 In Grey Mesh

As low as £345


Depth: 58cm

Height: 70cm

Seat Height: 46cm

Width: 55cm

The Eames Replica Thin Pad EA 105 Office Chair was designed in 1969. The construction and design is identical to the famous Eames Aluminium Group Chairs. The ribbed sections are available in premium and deluxe full Italian leather, as well as a range of fabrics. The ripped cushions make the EA 105 Thin Pad Chair very comfortable. Our EA 105 Eames Replica Office Chair is reproduced to the style of the original design. Chromed Aluminium frame as per the original design, Full Italian leather front and back of the chair, ribbed fabric and black plastic floor protectors. Height: 70cm Depth: 58cm Width: 55cm Seat Height: 46cm
Charles Eames Inspired