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Do you want to make a style statement in your living room? A coffee table is a perfect way to do it. There are so many different styles and materials to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your space. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss all of the different types of coffee tables available on the market today. We'll start with round coffee tables, then move on to glass coffee tables, black coffee tables, and more! We'll also give you tips on how to choose the right one for your home. So read on and discover everything you need to know about choosing the perfect coffee table for your space! Explore our range of tables today and discover the perfect addition for your home or workspace.

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  1. Finn Juhl Inspired
    Cocktail Table
    As low as £871 Regular Price £1,355
  2. Johannes Andersen Inspired
    Nesting Tables
    As low as £453 Regular Price £716
  3. Charles Eames Inspired
    Plywood Coffee Table
    As low as £325
  4. Swivel UK
    Laurent Oval Marble Coffee Table With Angled Base
    As low as £1,487 Regular Price £2,222
  5. Swivel UK
    Chloe Marble Pinth Block Large Coffee Table
    As low as £1,197 Regular Price £1,783
  6. Swivel UK
    Neo Minimalist Fluted Rectangle Marble Coffee Table
    As low as £956 Regular Price £1,416
  7. Swivel UK
    Amara Round Coffee Table With 3 Sphere Base
    As low as £2,756 Regular Price £4,147
  8. Charles Eames Inspired
    LTR Side Table Style
    As low as £131 Regular Price £190
  9. Eero Saarinen Inspired
    Tulip Coffee Table Round With Wooden Top

    As low as £568 Regular Price £916

  10. Eero Saarinen Inspired
    Tulip Coffee Table Oval With Wooden Top

    As low as £587 Regular Price £948

  11. Eero Saarinen Inspired
    Tulip Coffee Table Round With Liquid Laminated Top

    As low as £568 Regular Price £916

  12. Eero Saarinen Inspired
    Tulip Coffee Table Oval With Liquid Laminated Top

    As low as £587 Regular Price £948

  13. Eero Saarinen Inspired
    Tulip Coffee Table Round With Quartz Top

    As low as £1,141 Regular Price £1,686

  14. Eero Saarinen Inspired
    Tulip Coffee Table Oval With Quartz Top

    As low as £1,160 Regular Price £1,718

  15. Eero Saarinen Inspired
    Tulip Coffee Table Round With Marble Top

    As low as £371 Regular Price £518

  16. Eero Saarinen Inspired
    Tulip Coffee Table Oval With Marble Top

    As low as £763 Regular Price £1,146

  17. Isamu Noguchi Inspired
    Coffee Table

    As low as £482 Regular Price £899

  18. Charles Eames Inspired
    ETR Eliptical Coffee Table Style
    As low as £646 Regular Price £946
  19. Mies Van Der Rohe Inspired
    Pavillion Barcelona Coffee Table
    As low as £839 Regular Price £1,238
  20. Warren Platner Inspired
    Coffee Table
    As low as £487 Regular Price £909
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20 Items

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Welcome to SwivelUK, your go-to destination for exquisite and functional coffee tables that redefine the aesthetics of your living space. In the vast landscape of coffee table options, SwivelUK stands out as your premier destination for exquisite and diverse choices. Whether you're in search of a classic round coffee table or exploring the latest trends in the realm of modern coffee tables, our extensive collection caters to all tastes and preferences. As a leading provider in the UK, SwivelUK takes pride in offering a curated selection that includes everything from the timeless elegance of a marble coffee table to the contemporary allure of a black coffee table.

what is Coffee Table?

A coffee table is a low table designed to be placed in a sitting area for convenient support of beverages, remote controls, magazines, books (especially large, illustrated coffee table books), decorative objects, and other small items.Commonly situated before a couch or seating region, foot stools are fundamental to lounge rooms and frequently go about as a point of convergence in the space. Their plan can shift generally, from basic and utilitarian to intricate and enlivening. Materials utilized can go from wood and metal to glass and plastic, considering an immense range of styles to fit different inside stylistic themes. Foot stools fill a pragmatic need as well as improve the stylish allure of a room.

Discover the SwivelUK Difference

At SwivelUK, we understand that a coffee table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a focal point that brings people together. Our collection is designed to cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that you find the ideal coffee table to complement your interior design. From minimalist Scandinavian-inspired designs to bold and statement-making pieces, we have something for everyone.

1. Versatile Designs for Every Style

Our coffee table collection boasts a diverse range of designs to suit various interior styles. Whether you prefer a contemporary look with clean lines and geometric shapes or a more traditional feel with intricate detailing, SwivelUK has the perfect coffee table to elevate your space. For those seeking a cohesive look, explore our collection of nest coffee tables or opt for the versatile charm of a coffee side table. Our dedication to variety means you can easily find the perfect fit, whether you're looking for small coffee tables for a cozy nook or a statement piece like a captivating gold coffee table that becomes the focal point of your living space.

2. Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in the craftsmanship of our coffee tables. Each piece is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Our commitment to quality means that your coffee table not only looks stunning but also withstands the test of time. Discover the convenience of our functional designs, such as the space-saving ingenuity of a nesting coffee table or the practicality of a coffee table with storage. Our commitment to quality extends to every piece in our range, ensuring that whether you choose a sleek glass coffee table or a sturdy wooden coffee table, you are investing in lasting style and durability.

3. Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Our coffee tables are more than just stylish additions to your living room. Many of our designs offer functional features, such as built-in storage, swivel tops, or adjustable heights. We believe that furniture should not only be beautiful but also enhance the functionality of your living space.

In your quest to elevate your living space with a stunning coffee table, consider how it harmonizes with iconic furniture pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair, the distinctive Yeti Chair, and the timeless Wishbone Chair. Picture the perfect synergy between your chosen coffee table and the elegance of an Oval Dining Table, creating a cohesive design that captivates the eye. 

Different Types of Coffee Tables

  • Modern Coffee Tables:

Embrace sleek lines and contemporary design with our modern coffee tables. These pieces showcase the latest trends, combining functionality and aesthetics for a chic addition to your living space.

  • Industrial Coffee Tables:

Add an edgy and urban touch to your decor with our industrial coffee tables. Featuring rugged materials and robust designs, these tables bring a touch of the factory floor to your home.

  • Mid-Century Modern Coffee Tables:

Capture the timeless charm of mid-century design with our curated selection of coffee tables. These pieces seamlessly blend retro aesthetics with modern functionality, creating a statement in any room.

  • Rustic Coffee Tables:

Bring warmth and character to your space with our rustic coffee tables. Crafted from natural materials, these tables exude a cozy and inviting vibe, making them the perfect centerpiece for a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Scandinavian Coffee Tables:

Discover the beauty of simplicity with our Scandinavian coffee tables. These pieces emphasize clean lines, light colors, and minimalist design, creating an effortlessly stylish focal point for your living area.

Specific Features of Coffee Tables

  • Coffee Tables with Storage:

Maximize functionality with our coffee tables featuring built-in storage. From drawers to shelves, these tables provide a practical solution for keeping your living space organized.

  • Coffee Tables With Glass Tops:

Elevate your decor with our coffee tables featuring glass tops. The transparent surface adds a touch of sophistication, allowing you to showcase unique decor elements underneath.

  • Nesting Coffee Tables:

Optimize flexibility with our nesting coffee tables. These versatile pieces offer multiple surfaces that can be arranged to suit your needs, providing extra space when entertaining guests.

  • Round Coffee Tables:

Embrace a classic and inclusive design with our round coffee tables. Perfect for creating a cozy gathering space, these tables encourage conversation and flow in your living area. Whether you're on the lookout for coffee tables in the UK or aiming to explore the elegance of circular coffee tables, SwivelUK is your trusted partner in transforming your living space into a haven of sophistication. 

  • Lift-Top Coffee Tables:

Combine form and function with our lift-top coffee tables. These innovative designs feature adjustable surfaces, providing extra height for dining or work, making them ideal for multifunctional spaces.

Enhance the ambiance further with carefully selected lighting fixtures. Imagine the interplay of light and shadows with exquisite ceiling lamps casting a warm glow over your coffee table, or the subtle illumination provided by sleek floor lamps for the living room, perfectly complementing the design language of your space.

Benefits of Using Coffee Tables

  • Coffee Tables as Centerpieces:

Transform your living space with a coffee table that serves as a captivating centerpiece. These tables anchor your decor, tying together the elements of your room with style.

  • Coffee Tables for Entertaining:

Create a welcoming space for gatherings with our coffee tables. Whether it's hosting game nights or serving appetizers, these tables enhance the entertainment experience in your home.

  • Coffee Tables for Storage:

Maximize your living space by choosing a coffee table with storage options. Keep clutter at bay with hidden compartments, drawers, or shelves, maintaining a tidy and organized environment.

  • Coffee Tables for Style:

Elevate your decor with a coffee table that reflects your personal style. Whether it's a bold statement piece or a subtle complement, our tables enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living area.

More info on Coffee Tables

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Tables

  • Materials Matter: Consider the materials used in crafting your coffee table. Whether it's the warmth of wood, the sophistication of glass, or the industrial appeal of metal, the material contributes significantly to the overall style of the piece.
  • Size and Proportion: Ensure that your coffee table complements the size of your seating area. The ideal height should match your seating, and the table's length should be about two-thirds the length of your sofa. Proportions matter for both visual appeal and functionality.
  • Shape Dynamics The shape of your coffee table influences the flow of your living space. Rectangular tables often suit larger sofas, while round or oval tables are great for creating fluid movement and are safer for households with young children.
  • Functionality in Focus: Consider the practical aspects of your coffee table. If you enjoy hosting gatherings, opt for a larger surface area. Tables with storage are perfect for keeping essentials within reach but out of sight, maintaining a clean look.
  • Mixing and Matching Styles: Feel free to mix styles for an eclectic look. Modern coffee tables can pair surprisingly well with more traditional sofas, and vice versa. Experimenting with different styles adds personality to your living space.
  • Color Coordination: Harmonize your coffee table with the existing color palette of your room. Consider the tones of your furniture, walls, and decor items. A well-coordinated color scheme contributes to a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.

Maintaining Your Coffee Table

  • Cleaning and Care

Regularly clean your coffee table based on its material. Use appropriate cleaners for wood, glass, or metal surfaces. Wipe away spills promptly to prevent stains, and consider protective coasters to avoid scratches.

  • Seasonal Adjustments

Adapt your coffee table decor to the seasons. Swap out accessories to reflect the changing colors and themes, keeping your living space fresh and inviting throughout the year.

  • Rearranging for Variety

Experiment with different arrangements of decor items on your coffee table. This simple change can breathe new life into your space without the need for major redecoration.

  • Regular Checks

Periodically inspect your coffee table for any signs of wear and tear. Tighten loose screws, address any scratches or dents, and ensure that the table remains stable and secure.

Coffee Table Trends

  • Sustainable Choices:

Increasingly, homeowners are opting for eco-friendly coffee tables crafted from sustainable materials. These pieces not only add style to your space but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

  • Multifunctional Designs:

With the rise of smaller living spaces, coffee tables are evolving to serve multiple functions. Look for designs with adjustable heights, built-in storage, or even those that can convert into dining tables for added versatility.When designing your living room, consider the strategic placement of floor lamps for living room illumination. A SwivelUK coffee table paired with a strategically positioned floor lamp not only adds ambient lighting but also accentuates the elegance of your chosen table design.

  • Bold Statements:

Current trends showcase a preference for bold and unique coffee table designs. Whether it's an unconventional shape, a mix of materials, or vibrant colors, making a statement with your coffee table is in vogue.Incorporating an Eames chair alongside your chosen SwivelUK coffee table enhances the modern aesthetic, creating a cohesive and stylish living space. The clean lines of the Eames chair effortlessly complement the contemporary designs within our coffee table collection.

Choosing and maintaining the perfect coffee table is an ongoing process that requires attention to detail and a touch of creativity. Stay attuned to your personal style, and let your coffee table become a reflection of your lifestyle and preferences.

As you indulge in the comfort of a Togo Sofa or the inviting embrace of a Tufty Time Sofa, let your eyes wander to the details – the meticulous design of an Eames DSW Chair, the delicate curves of a Wishbone Chair, and the geometric allure of a Diamond Chair. Picture the seamless fusion of these iconic chairs with your chosen coffee table, creating a living space that tells a story of style and sophistication. Whether you're on the lookout for coffee tables in the UK or aiming to explore the elegance of circular coffee tables, SwivelUK is your trusted partner in transforming your living space into a haven of sophistication. 

Transform Your Living Space Today

Elevate your living space with a SwivelUK coffee table that combines style, functionality, and quality craftsmanship. Explore our collection online or visit our showroom to experience the beauty of our coffee tables in person. Imagine gatherings where the conversation flows effortlessly, anchored by the allure of your SwivelUK coffee table, surrounded by the timeless beauty of a Cherner Chair. Make a statement in your home with a coffee table that reflects your personality and enhances your daily living. Create a harmonious atmosphere by combining different styles and shapes, such as an oval coffee table paired with a complementary square coffee table. From the chic simplicity of a white coffee table to the rustic charm of a wood coffee table, our offerings cater to diverse aesthetics. Choose SwivelUK – where style meets substance in every piece.

Discover the perfect coffee table for your home at SwivelUK – Redefining Living Spaces, One Table at a Time.

Finding the Perfect Coffee Table

At Swiveluk, we have a wide selection of coffee tables that are sure to fit any style and budget. Whether you’re looking for a classic round table or a modern glass design, our collection has something for everyone. Plus, with free delivery options and no-hassle returns, you can shop with confidence. So start browsing our selection today and find the perfect coffee table for your space.

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More Products

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  • Eames Chair: Known for its ease of use and practicality, the Eames Chair is a multipurpose piece that works well in offices or dining rooms.
  • Eames DSW Chair: Distinguished and fashionable, this chair is perfect for modern settings with its sculptural oak base and cosy moulded seat.
  • Diamond Chair: The Diamond Chair is a visually striking work of art with a distinctive geometric steel wire frame that provides a light-colored yet robust seating choice.
  • Cherner Chair: This elegant and ergonomic chair with a beautiful plywood design is perfect for living and dining areas.
  • Togo Sofa: A favourite in lounges, this velvety, casual style sofa with deep seating provides the best in comfort, making it ideal for laid-back living spaces.
  • Eames Office Chair: The Eames Office Chair, which combines style and functionality, is perfect for contemporary workstations because of its comfy seating and elegant design.


No matter what kind of table you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone in our collection. From classic round tables to modern glass designs, you’re sure to find the perfect coffee table for your home. So start shopping today and find the perfect piece to complete your living room décor! Also, don’t forget to check out our DesksSide TablesDining tablesBedside TablesSaarinen Marble Tulip Tables and other furniture options for the perfect finishing touch. You can Check all the reviews on internet and if you can any queries you can content as on Via email or Call.


Q1: What is the best type of coffee table for a small space?

A: For small spaces, round tables are often the best choice. They take up less room and can fit easily into tight spots. If you have more room to work with, a glass or marble table may be a better option as they will provide an airy, open look.

Q2: What is the best material for a coffee table?

A: It really depends on your lifestyle and budget. Wood tables are very durable and typically come in many different styles and colors. Glass or marble tables can provide an elegant touch without taking up too much space. Metal tables are also popular because they are low maintenance and often come in sleek, modern designs.

Q3: Are upholstered coffee tables easy to clean?

A: Yes! Upholstered coffee tables are typically made from materials that are easy to wipe down and care for. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

Q4: What other kind of furniture is available at Swiveluk?

A: Swiveluk offers a wide selection of furniture for your home, from coffee tables and side tables to desks and dining tables. Plus, we have many different styles and colors to choose from so you can find the perfect piece for your space. So start browsing today and find the perfect piece!