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  1. Arco Lamp
    Achille Castiglioni Inspired
    Arco Lamp
    As low as £350 Regular Price £522
  2. AJ Floor Lamp
    Arne Jacobsen Inspired
    AJ Floor Lamp
    As low as £222 Regular Price £316
  3. SAS Floor Lamp
    Arne Jacobsen Inspired
    SAS Floor Lamp
    As low as £278 Regular Price £413
  4. Mantis BS1 Floor Lamp
    Bernard Schottlander Inspired
    Mantis BS1 Floor Lamp
    As low as £303 Regular Price £438
  5. DQ30 Floor Lamp
    DQ30 Floor Lamp
    As low as £236 Regular Price £337
  6. DQ31 Floor Lamp
    DQ31 Floor Lamp
    As low as £261 Regular Price £375
  7. DQ36 3 Head Floor Lamp
    DQ36 3 Head Floor Lamp
    As low as £478 Regular Price £704
  8. DQ36 Floor Lamp
    DQ36 Floor Lamp
    As low as £264 Regular Price £380
  9. DQ40 Floor Lamp
    DQ40 Floor Lamp
    As low as £278 Regular Price £401
  10. DQ55 Floor Lamp
    DQ55 Floor Lamp
    As low as £292 Regular Price £422
  11. DQ57 Floor Lamp
    DQ57 Floor Lamp
    As low as £236 Regular Price £337
  12. Cobra Floor Light
    Greta Grossman Inspired
    Cobra Floor Light
    As low as £243 Regular Price £348
  13. G10 Floor Lamp
    Greta Grossman Inspired
    G10 Floor Lamp
    As low as £306 Regular Price £444
  14. Grasshopper Floor Lamp Brass
    Greta Grossman Inspired
    Grasshopper Floor Lamp Brass
    As low as £278 Regular Price £401
  15. Grasshopper Floor Lamp
    Greta Grossman Inspired
    Grasshopper Floor Lamp
    As low as £212 Regular Price £300
  16. Multi-Lite Floor Lamp  - Matt Finished Shade
    Louis Weisdorf Inspired
    Multi-Lite Floor Lamp - Matt Finished Shade
    As low as £446 Regular Price £656
  17. Multi-Lite Floor Lamp
    Louis Weisdorf Inspired
    Multi-Lite Floor Lamp
    As low as £502 Regular Price £741
  18. Poul Henningsen 3.5 - 2.5 Floor Lamp
    Poul Henningsen Inspired
    Poul Henningsen 3.5 - 2.5 Floor Lamp
    As low as £296 Regular Price £428
  19. Poul Henningsen 4.5 - 3.5 Floor Lamp
    Poul Henningsen Inspired
    Poul Henningsen 4.5 - 3.5 Floor Lamp
    As low as £621 Regular Price £921
  20. Floor Lamp 1 Arm
    Serge Mouille Inspired
    Floor Lamp 1 Arm
    As low as £250 Regular Price £359
  21. Floor Lamp 3 Arms
    Serge Mouille Inspired
    Floor Lamp 3 Arms
    As low as £607 Regular Price £900
  22. Mantis BS1L Floor Lamp
    Bernard Schottlander Inspired
    Mantis BS1L Floor Lamp
    As low as £313 Regular Price £454

 Floor Lamps For Living Room | Lounge Lamps | Floor Lamps UK

Lighting is a crucial element that can greatly impact the ambiance and atmosphere of a room. Lounge lamps are an excellent choice for illuminating your space and can be strategically positioned to highlight specific features within the area. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into everything you need to know about floor lamps UK. Lounge lamps are also designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living space, adding a touch of elegance and relaxation to your surroundings. We will explore the various types of floor lamps available, discussing their unique advantages and potential limitations. Additionally, we will provide you with valuable tips to assist you in selecting the perfect designer floor lamps for living room and home.

Floor Lamps for Living Room: Illuminate Your Space with Style

When it comes to interior design, lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambiance in your living room. Among the various lighting options available, living room lamps tall, floor lamps are versatile and can be both functional and decorative. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the world of floor lamps for living rooms, from the different types available to key features to consider. Whether you have a small or large living room, we've got you covered. Let's shed some light on the topic!

Standard lamps, including the versatile "floor lamp stand," are an easy way to create mood lighting. They are perfect for positioning over an armchair or sofa, providing an ideal setting for reading or relaxing. Whatever look you're aiming for in a room, we have a standard lamp, such as the stylish "floor lamp stand," that seamlessly complements your decor. From the metallic contours of our modern floor lamps or Anglepoise lamps to the unique and timeless style of an arc floor lamp, our impressive range makes it easy to add a bold and creative touch to any room. Additionally, tripod lamps, including a variety of metal and wooden tripod floor lamps, are currently very fashionable and can be found in our selection.

Stylish floor lamps for the living room effortlessly blend form and function, elevating the aesthetics of any space while providing practical illumination. These carefully curated lighting fixtures not only serve as sources of light but also serve as captivating design elements, enhancing the overall ambiance of the living room.

Types of Floor Lamps For Living Room

Beautiful floor lamps for living room come in various styles, each serving a unique purpose. Understanding the different types can help you choose the right one for your living room:

Torchiere Floor Lamps For Living Room

Torchiere floor lamps are known for their upward-facing shades that direct light towards the ceiling. These lamps provide ambient lighting and are ideal for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in your living room.

Arc Floor Lamps For Living Room

Arc floor lamps feature a curved arm that extends outward, allowing you to position the light directly over seating areas or specific points of interest. They are perfect for reading corners or highlighting artwork.

Tripod Floor Lamps For Living Room

Tripod floor lamps have a unique, three-legged design that adds a touch of sophistication to your living space. They are versatile and can complement various decor styles.

Tree Floor Lamps For Living Room

Tree floor lamps typically have multiple adjustable arms with individual light fixtures, allowing you to customize the direction of light. They are excellent for task lighting and can illuminate different areas simultaneously.

Modern floor lamps for living room

Modern living room floor lamps feature sleek designs, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative materials, adding a touch of contemporary elegance. With options ranging from abstract artistry to geometric precision, these lamps seamlessly blend style and functionality. Incorporating advanced lighting technologies, they provide both chic illumination and energy efficiency.

black floor lamps for living room

Black floor lamps for the living room add a touch of sophistication with their sleek design, seamlessly blending into various decor styles while providing stylish and functional lighting.

Unusual floor lamps for living room

Unusual living room floor lamps feature distinctive and creative designs, ranging from unique shapes to artistic expressions, serving as both functional lighting and eye-catching decor.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Floor Lamp For Living Room

Selecting the right tall floor lamps for living room involves considering various features to ensure it meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Here are some crucial factors to keep in mind:

Height and Size 

The height and size of the floor lamp should complement your living room's dimensions. A taller lamp can draw the eye upwards and make the room appear larger, while a smaller lamp can provide a cozy atmosphere.

Light Bulb Compatibility

Check the type of light bulbs the lamp accommodates. Some floor lamps use standard bulbs, while others may require specialty bulbs. Consider energy-efficient options like LED bulbs for cost savings.

Style and Design

Choose a floor lamp that aligns with your living room's style and decor. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or a classic, traditional look, there's a floor lamp to match your aesthetic.

Adjustable Features

If flexibility is important, opt for a floor lamp with adjustable features. This allows you to direct the light where it's needed most, whether for reading, task lighting, or creating ambiance.

Material and Finish

Consider the material and finish of the lamp base and shade. Materials like metal, wood, and fabric offer different textures and visual appeal. Ensure it complements your existing furniture.

Dimmer Functionality

A floor lamp with a dimmer switch provides control over the brightness, allowing you to set the mood in your living room. Dimmable lighting is especially useful for movie nights or romantic evenings.

How to Place a Floor Lamp in Your Living Room

Proper placement of a floor lamp can significantly impact your living room's atmosphere. Here are some tips to help you position it effectively:

Identify Dark Areas

Identify the darker corners or areas in your living room that need illumination. Floor lamps are perfect for filling in these spaces and balancing the overall lighting.

Use as a Focal Point

Make your floor lamp a focal point by placing it near a piece of artwork, a decorative accent, or a stylish side table. This draws attention to both the lamp and the chosen feature.

Avoid Glare

Position the lamp so that the light doesn't create glare on TV screens or reflective surfaces. Angle the shade away from these surfaces to ensure comfortable viewing.

Create Zones

In larger living rooms, use multiple floor lamps to create distinct zones. For example, place one near the seating area for reading and another in a corner for ambient lighting.

Best Floor Lamps for Different Living Room Styles

The right floor lamp can enhance your living room's style. Here are some recommendations based on different decor themes:

Contemporary Living Rooms

For contemporary spaces, consider sleek and minimalistic floor lamps with clean lines and metallic finishes. These lamps blend seamlessly with modern decor.

Traditional Living Rooms

Classic floor lamps with ornate details and warm, muted colors are ideal for traditional living rooms. They add a touch of elegance and timeless appeal.

Bohemian Living Rooms

Embrace a bohemian vibe with floor lamps featuring colorful shades and unique designs. These lamps can contribute to a relaxed and eclectic atmosphere.

Industrial Living Rooms

Industrial-style floor lamps with exposed bulbs and rugged materials like iron and concrete are perfect for industrial-themed living rooms.

Scandinavian Living Rooms

Opt for floor lamps with simple, clean designs and neutral colors to complement the minimalistic and cozy feel of Scandinavian decor.

Led floor lamps for living rooms

LED floor lamps for living rooms combine energy-efficient technology with sleek design, offering stylish and adjustable lighting to enhance the modern ambiance of the space.

Tips for Decorating with Floor Lamps For Living Room

Aside from their practicality, floor lamps can also serve as stylish decor elements. Here are some tips for decorating with floor lamps:

Match Lamp to Decor

Choose a floor lamp that complements your existing decor. Consider the color palette, materials, and overall style of your furniture and accessories.

Experiment with Heights

Mix floor lamps of varying heights to create visual interest. This adds depth to your living room and prevents it from feeling one-dimensional.

Use Lampshades for Pop

If you want to inject some color or pattern into your space, opt for floor lamps with vibrant lampshades. This is an easy way to introduce personality into your living room.

Conceal Cords

Tuck away unsightly cords to maintain a neat and organized look. Cord management solutions like cable clips and cord covers can help.

Layer Lighting

Combine floor lamps with other lighting sources like ceiling lights and wall sconces to create layered lighting. This allows you to adjust the ambiance as needed.

Floor Lamps for Small Living Rooms

In compact living rooms, space is at a premium. Here are some floor lamp options that work well in smaller spaces:

Slim Profile Lamps

Opt for floor lamps with slim profiles that take up minimal floor space. These lamps provide ample light without overcrowding the room.

Wall-Mounted Lamps

Consider wall-mounted floor lamps to save even more space. These lamps are attached to the wall and can be positioned at various heights.

Corner Placement

Place floor lamps in corners to maximize floor space. They can illuminate the room without obstructing traffic flow.

Floor Lamps for Large Living Rooms

In spacious living rooms, you have more freedom to explore larger and more statement-making floor lamps:

Statement Pieces

Choose floor lamps with bold designs and larger shades to make a statement in a large living room. These lamps can become focal points.

Multiple Light Sources

Use multiple floor lamps strategically to evenly distribute light throughout the room. This prevents large spaces from feeling dim or cavernous.


Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, or even bubble lamps for bedrooms can effortlessly infuse your living space with both light and panache. With the perfect lamp, you can effortlessly craft a cozy and inviting ambiance in any corner. Whether it's a sleek black floor lamp or a trendy tripod design, these lighting fixtures offer versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal all rolled into one. So, if you're aiming to illuminate your space with flair, consider the allure of floor lamps, including the enchanting bubble lamp. At Swiveluk, our extensive range spans ceiling lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, and table lamps, ensuring there's something to complement every interior style. Explore our collection today!

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Q1: Are floor lamps suitable as the primary source of lighting in a living room?

A1: Floor lamps are excellent for providing ambient and task lighting but may not be sufficient as the sole source of lighting in a large living room. It's best to combine them with other lighting fixtures.

Q2: Can I use floor lamps in bedrooms or home offices?

A2: Absolutely! Floor lamps are versatile and can enhance the lighting in bedrooms, home offices, and various other spaces in your home.

Q3: Are LED bulbs more energy-efficient for floor lamps?

A3: Yes, LED bulbs are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them a smart choice for floor lamps.

Q4: How can I clean and maintain my floor lamp?

A4: To clean your floor lamp, turn it off and let it cool. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the lampshade and base. For metal or wood finishes, you can use a gentle cleaner if needed.

Q5: Which floor lamp gives off the most light?

A: Generally speaking, halogen bulbs give off the lightest and are a popular choice for floor lamps. However, LED bulbs also offer good light intensity and use less energy.
Ceiling lamps, Desk Lamps, and Table Lamps can all be used to complement your floor lamp in order to create an even more inviting atmosphere. Additionally, ceiling lamps or hanging pendants can be used to provide ambient light and an eye-catching focal point in your space. Desk lamps are also useful for providing task lighting, while table lamps offer a softer, more relaxed feel. With these different types of lighting, you can easily create the perfect atmosphere in any room.