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When it comes to interior design, one of the most important decisions you'll make is what type of ceiling lamp to choose. There are many different styles and options available, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for your home. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of ceiling lamps and help you decide which one is best for your needs. We'll also take a look at some popular ceiling lamp shades and give you some tips on how to choose the perfect one for your space. So whether you're looking for a new ceiling light or just want to update your current one, read on for all the information you need.

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  1. George Nelson Inspired
    Lantern Bubble Pendant Lamp
    As low as £188 Regular Price £291
  2. Achille Castiglioni Inspired
    Taraxacum Pendant Lamp
    As low as £340 Regular Price £535
  3. Achille Castiglioni Inspired
    Viscontea Pendant Lamp
    As low as £274 Regular Price £429
  4. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Bell Extra Large Lamp
    As low as £565 Regular Price £836
  5. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Pear Lamp
    As low as £187 Regular Price £275
  6. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Propeller Lamp
    As low as £288 Regular Price £429
  7. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Saucer Criss Cross Lamp
    As low as £197 Regular Price £291
  8. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Apple Lamp
    As low as £288 Regular Price £429
  9. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Ball Criss Cross Lamp
    As low as £194 Regular Price £286
  10. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Ball Lamp
    As low as £194 Regular Price £286
  11. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Cigar Criss Cross Lamp
    As low as £134 Regular Price £206
  12. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Pear Criss Cross Lamp
    As low as £187 Regular Price £275
  13. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Lamp
    As low as £197 Regular Price £291
  14. George Nelson Inspired
    Bubble Cigar Lamp
    As low as £134 Regular Price £206
  15. Verner Panton Inspired
    VP Globe Suspension Lamp
    As low as £295 Regular Price £440
  16. Serge Mouille Inspired
    Three Arm Casquette Ceiling Lamp
    As low as £345 Regular Price £502
  17. Serge Mouille Inspired
    Sconce Spider Ceiling Light 5 Arms
    As low as £422 Regular Price £619
  18. Serge Mouille Inspired
    Sconce Spider Ceiling Light 3 Arms
    As low as £306 Regular Price £444
  19. Serge Mouille Inspired
    Library Ceiling Light
    As low as £166 Regular Price £231
  20. Serge Mouille Inspired
    Ceiling Lamp 6 Rotating Arms
    As low as £618 Regular Price £916
  21. Serge Mouille Inspired
    3 Arm Ceiling Lamp
    As low as £282 Regular Price £406
  22. Serge Mouille Inspired
    2 Arm Ceiling Lamp
    As low as £222 Regular Price £328
  23. Poul Henningsen Inspired
    Poul Henningsen 5 Pendant
    As low as £222 Regular Price £328
  24. Poul Henningsen Inspired
    PH50 Pendant
    As low as £208 Regular Price £307
  25. Poul Henningsen Inspired
    Artichoke Lamp
    As low as £835 Regular Price £1,233
  26. Louis Weisdorf Inspired
    Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp
    As low as £281 Regular Price £419
  27. Louis Weisdorf Inspired
    Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp - Matt Finished Shade
    As low as £243 Regular Price £360
  28. Louis Weisdorf Inspired
    Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp - Matt Finished Frame And Shade
    As low as £211 Regular Price £312
  29. Josef Frank Inspired
    Ceiling Light 2358
    As low as £218 Regular Price £323
  30. Gino Safratti Inspired
    Sarfatti Chandelier
    As low as £695 Regular Price £1,021
  31. Hans Agne Jacobsson Inspired
    Gino Pendant
    As low as £190 Regular Price £280
  32. Guido Vrola Inspired
    Large Pendant
    As low as £348 Regular Price £519
  33. Guido Vrola Inspired
    6 Head Ceiling Lamp
    As low as £750 Regular Price £1,130
  34. Guido Vrola Inspired
    5 Head Ceiling Lamp
    As low as £631 Regular Price £950
  35. Greta Grossman Inspired
    G10 Pendant
    As low as £113 Regular Price £164
  36. DQ
    DQ73 Three Heads Ceiling Lamp
    As low as £274 Regular Price £408
Grid List

Items 1-36 of 44

Set Descending Direction

Welcome to SwivelUK, where style meets functionality in the world of interior lighting. Our collection of ceiling lamps is designed to transform your living spaces, adding a touch of elegance and brilliance. Let's delve into the fascinating world of ceiling lamps and discover why they are the perfect choice for your lighting needs.

What is a Ceiling Lamp?

A ceiling lamp, also known as an overhead light fixture, is a type of lighting accessory that is mounted on the ceiling to provide illumination to a room. It is a versatile and essential element in interior lighting design, contributing to both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a space.
Ceiling lamps come in various styles, shapes, and sizes, catering to different preferences and room requirements. They are designed to distribute light evenly across a room, eliminating dark corners and creating a well-lit environment. In addition to their practical purpose, Ceiling Lamps often serve as a decorative element, enhancing the overall interior design of a room.

Illuminate your living space with our exquisite ceiling lamps, designed to complement a variety of furniture pieces, including the iconic Eames Lounge Chair and the stylish Yeti Chair. Create a cozy reading nook by pairing your favorite ceiling lamps with an inviting Eames DSW Chair or add a touch of sophistication to your dining area with a stunning Oval Dining Table accompanied by timeless Wishbone chair and a statement diamond chair.

Features of SwivelUK Ceiling Lamps

SwivelUK's ceiling lamps are thoughtfully designed to offer a perfect blend of style, functionality, and innovation. Let's explore the distinctive features that set our ceiling lamps apart:

  • Contemporary Designs:

Our collection boasts a variety of contemporary and stylish designs, ensuring there's a perfect match for every interior aesthetic.

  • Energy Efficiency:

SwivelUK is committed to sustainability. Our ceiling lamps incorporate energy-efficient LED technology, providing brilliant illumination while minimizing environmental impact and reducing energy costs.

  • Adjustable Brightness:

Many of our ceiling lamps come with adjustable brightness settings. This feature allows you to customize the lighting intensity according to different activities or moods, providing ultimate flexibility.

  • Durable Materials:

Crafted from high-quality and durable materials, SwivelUK's ceiling lamps are built to withstand the test of time. Our commitment to durability ensures long-lasting performance and value for your investment.

  • Easy Installation:

We understand the importance of hassle-free installations. Our ceiling lamps are designed for easy setup, making them user-friendly and perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

  • Versatile Styles:

SwivelUK offers a diverse range of ceiling lamps, each with its own unique style. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or classic and elegant, our collection caters to various design preferences.

  • Smart Lighting Options:

Explore our range of smart lighting solutions. Some of our ceiling lamps are compatible with smart home systems, allowing you to control lighting remotely, set schedules, and create personalized lighting scenes

For a complete living room ensemble, consider incorporating floor lamps alongside your choice of seating, such as the comfortable togo sofa or the elegant tufty time sofa. These floor lamps can seamlessly blend with other furniture items, including the classic coffee table or the chic Cheerner Chair.

Benefits of SwivelUK Ceiling Lamps

Choosing SwivelUK's ceiling lamps comes with a host of benefits that go beyond basic illumination. Explore the advantages that make our ceiling lamps the ideal choice for your lighting needs:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics:

SwivelUK's collection features stylish and contemporary designs that elevate the visual appeal of any space. Our ceiling lamps serve as not just lighting fixtures but also as decorative elements, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your room.

  • Increased Functionality:

The even distribution of light from our ceiling lamps eliminates dark corners, providing uniform illumination throughout the room. This contributes to a well-lit and functional space suitable for various activities.

  • Space-Saving Solutions:

Ideal for rooms with limited space, our ceiling lamps are mounted on the ceiling, freeing up valuable floor and table space. This space-saving design ensures a clutter-free environment, making them perfect for smaller living spaces.

  • Versatility for Different Room Sizes:

SwivelUK offers a diverse range of ceiling lamps suitable for different room sizes and purposes. Whether it's a compact bedroom or a spacious living room, you can find a ceiling lamp that perfectly fits your requirements.

  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Our commitment to energy efficiency means that many of our ceiling lamps incorporate advanced LED technology. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also results in long-term cost savings on energy bills.

  • Adjustable Brightness for Every Occasion:

Enjoy flexibility in lighting with adjustable brightness settings. SwivelUK's ceiling lamps allow you to tailor the light intensity to suit different activities or create the desired ambiance, whether it's bright and focused or soft and relaxing.

  • Task Lighting for Improved Productivity:

Ceiling lamps provide effective task lighting, making them ideal for spaces where specific activities such as reading, cooking, or working take place. The focused illumination enhances visibility and productivity in these areas.

Whether you're seeking the perfect lighting solution to pair with your iconic Eames Lounge Chair, Eames Office ChairEames chair or looking to complement your modern interior with statement floor lamps for the living room, our diverse collection caters to every design preference.

Importance of Ceiling Lamps in Interior Design

Ceiling lamps play a crucial role in interior design, contributing significantly to both the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Let's explore the importance of ceiling lamps in enhancing the overall design of your interiors:

  • Focal Point:

Ceiling lamps can serve as striking focal points in a room. Whether it's a chandelier in the dining room or a modern pendant light in the living room, these fixtures draw attention and become central elements that anchor the design scheme.

  • Mood Enhancement:

The right choice of ceiling lamps can influence the mood and atmosphere of a space. Whether you want to create a cozy, intimate setting with warm, ambient light or a bright, invigorating environment for productivity, ceiling lamps are key in setting the desired tone.

  • Architectural Emphasis:

Ceiling lamps contribute to emphasizing architectural features within a room. They can highlight specific areas, such as accentuating a high ceiling, showcasing decorative moldings, or drawing attention to a particular piece of furniture.

  • Task Lighting:

In spaces where specific tasks are performed, such as reading corners, kitchens, or home offices, ceiling lamps provide effective task lighting. Proper illumination in these areas enhances functionality and makes these spaces more conducive to their intended purpose.

  • Ambient Illumination:

Ceiling lamps contribute to ambient illumination, ensuring that the entire room is evenly lit. This creates a comfortable and welcoming environment, eliminating dark spots and making the space more inviting.

Which Lights Are Good for Ceiling?

When it comes to choosing lights for your ceiling, the options are diverse, catering to different preferences and room requirements. Ceiling lights such as recessed lighting, flush mount fixtures, and pendant lights are popular choices. Recessed lights provide a clean and modern look by sitting flush with the ceiling, while flush mount fixtures offer a versatile and space-saving solution. Pendant lights, on the other hand, add a touch of elegance and can serve as striking focal points. The choice depends on your aesthetic preferences, the size of the room, and the type of illumination you desire.

What Type of Ceiling Light Gives the Best Light?

The type of ceiling light that gives the best light often depends on the intended purpose of the space. For overall ambient lighting, a combination of recessed lights and flush mount fixtures can provide even illumination throughout the room. If task lighting is a priority, pendant lights or track lighting fixtures can offer focused and adjustable light for specific activities. Additionally, choosing ceiling lights with dimming capabilities allows you to customize the brightness according to different occasions and moods, providing flexibility in your lighting scheme.

Types Of Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling lamps come in various types and styles, each designed to meet specific lighting needs and complement different interior aesthetics. Here are some common types of ceiling lamps:

  • Chandeliers:

Chandeliers are elegant, often ornate fixtures that hang from the ceiling, typically featuring multiple arms with bulbs or candle-style lights. They are popular in dining rooms, foyers, and formal living spaces.

  • Pendant Lights:

Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling by a rod, chain, or cord. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them versatile for different settings such as kitchens, dining areas, and entryways.

  • Flush Mount Lights:

Flush mount lights are fixtures that are mounted directly to the ceiling with no gap between the fixture and the ceiling. They provide ambient lighting and are ideal for rooms with lower ceilings or limited space.

  • Semi-Flush Mount Lights:

Similar to flush mount lights, semi-flush mount lights have a slight gap between the fixture and the ceiling. They offer a balance between the compact design of flush mounts and the visual impact of pendant lights.

  • Track Lighting:

Track lighting consists of a linear track with adjustable light fixtures, allowing for directional and focused lighting. It is often used in kitchens, galleries, or spaces where adjustable spotlights are beneficial.

  • Recessed Lighting:

Recessed lights are installed directly into the ceiling, providing a clean and minimalist look. They are versatile and can be used for general, task, or accent lighting in various rooms.

Whether you're drawn to the simplicity of ceiling lamp designs or are searching for specific ceiling light fittings UK, our selection has something for everyone. Elevate your home's lighting scheme with our range of ceiling lights, providing the perfect finishing touch for any room. Browse our selection and discover the ideal ceiling light fixture or ceiling lamp that transforms your space with both elegance and illumination.

What Ceiling Lights Are in Fashion?

In the realm of interior design, trends in ceiling lights are ever-evolving. As of the latest design trends, statement pendant lights with unique and artistic designs are gaining popularity. Sleek and modern flush mount fixtures that seamlessly blend with minimalist decor are also in vogue. Additionally, vintage-inspired chandeliers and fixtures with metallic finishes are making a comeback, adding a touch of glamour to contemporary spaces. Ultimately, the "in fashion" ceiling lights are those that align with your personal style and complement the overall design theme of your home.

Choosing the right ceiling lights involves considering both design preferences and practical needs. Whether you opt for timeless classics or contemporary statement pieces, the key is to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that your chosen ceiling lights not only illuminate your space effectively but also enhance its visual appeal.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Lamp

Choosing the right ceiling lamp involves considering several factors to ensure that it not only complements your aesthetic preferences but also meets the practical needs of the space. Here are key factors to keep in mind when selecting a ceiling lamp:

  • Room Size:

Consider the size of the room where the ceiling lamp will be installed. Larger rooms may require fixtures with higher light output to ensure even illumination, while smaller rooms may be suited for more compact designs.

  • Ceiling Height:

The height of your ceiling is crucial. Taller ceilings may accommodate pendant or chandelier-style lamps, while lower ceilings may require flush or semi-flush mount fixtures to prevent them from hanging too low.

  • Style and Design:

Choose a ceiling lamp that complements the overall style and design of your space. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, industrial, or eclectic styles, the lamp should harmonize with existing decor elements.

  • Light Output:

Consider the purpose of the room and the level of brightness needed. For task-oriented areas like kitchens or offices, higher light output may be necessary, while ambient lighting in living rooms or bedrooms may require softer illumination.

  • Fixture Size:

Ensure that the size of the ceiling lamp is proportional to the room. A small fixture in a large room may get lost visually, while an oversized fixture in a small room can be overwhelming.

  • Material and Finish:

The material and finish of the ceiling lamp contribute to its aesthetics. Consider materials that complement the existing elements in the room, such as metal, glass, or fabric. The finish should also align with the overall color scheme.

  • Installation Height:

Take into account the installation height of the ceiling lamp. Ensure it hangs at an appropriate distance from the ceiling to provide optimal illumination without obstructing the view or creating safety hazards.

From modern designs to classic fixtures, our collection includes a variety of ceiling light options suitable for any aesthetic. Whether you're searching for the perfect living room ceiling lights or exploring the latest trends in ceiling lights UK, we have a diverse selection to suit your needs.

Maintenance Tips for SwivelUK Ceiling Lamps

Ensuring the proper maintenance of your SwivelUK ceiling lamp is essential to extend its lifespan and keep it functioning at its best. Here are some maintenance tips to help you care for your ceiling lamp:

  • Regular Cleaning:

Dust and debris can accumulate on the surface of your ceiling lamp over time. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a feather duster to regularly clean the fixture. Gently wipe down the lampshade, bulbs, and any exposed surfaces to keep the lamp looking fresh.

  • Check for Loose Parts:

Periodically inspect your ceiling lamp for any loose screws, nuts, or other components. Tighten any loose parts to prevent the fixture from becoming unstable and to ensure the safety of the installation.

  • Ensure Power is Turned Off:

Before attempting any maintenance or cleaning, make sure the power to the ceiling lamp is turned off. This not only ensures your safety but also prevents any damage to the lamp during maintenance.

  • Use the Right Cleaning Products:

Avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaning products, as they can damage the finish or materials of the ceiling lamp. Stick to mild soapy water or specialized cleaning solutions recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Clean Lampshades Carefully:

If your ceiling lamp has lampshades, clean them with extra care. Remove them according to the manufacturer's instructions and clean using a soft cloth or a gentle cleaning solution. Be cautious with delicate materials to prevent damage.

  • Inspect Wiring and Connections:

Periodically inspect the wiring and connections of your ceiling lamp. If you notice any frayed wires or loose connections, it's crucial to address them promptly. If you're unsure, consult a professional electrician.

SwivelUK Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At SwivelUK, we take immense pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our ceiling lamps, and your satisfaction is our utmost priority. That's why we stand behind every product with our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We are committed to ensuring that your experience with our ceiling lamps exceeds your expectations.

If, for any reason, you are not completely delighted with your SwivelUK ceiling lamp, we offer a hassle-free resolution process to address your concerns. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you, whether you have questions about installation, need guidance on maintenance, or require help with any issues you may encounter. Create a welcoming atmosphere with our living room-specific options, including living room ceiling lighting and tasteful living room ceiling lights UK choices. Explore unique ceiling light fittings UK that cater to a variety of preferences, ensuring your lighting fixtures are as distinctive as your style.

How to Order Your SwivelUK Ceiling Lamp

Ordering your SwivelUK ceiling lamp is a straightforward and convenient process designed to make your shopping experience seamless. Follow these simple steps to bring the perfect illumination to your space:

1. Browse Our Collection:

Visit the SwivelUK website and explore our extensive collection of ceiling lamps. Use the user-friendly interface to browse through different styles, sizes, and features. Filter your search based on your preferences, ensuring you find the ideal ceiling lamp that suits your taste and requirements.

2. Select Your Favorite:

Once you've found the ceiling lamp that captures your attention, click on the product to view detailed information, including specifications, features, and images. Take a closer look at the design elements and ensure it aligns with your interior aesthetic.

3. Review Product Details:

Carefully review the product details, including dimensions, materials, and any additional features. Confirm that the ceiling lamp meets your specific needs in terms of size, style, and functionality. Check for any customization options or special features that may enhance your overall experience.

4. Add to Cart:

When you're satisfied with your selection, click the "Add to Cart" button. You can then proceed to the virtual shopping cart to review your chosen items, ensuring everything is accurate and as expected.

5. Check-Out:

Click on the "Checkout" button to initiate the checkout process. Here, you will provide essential details such as your shipping address, contact information, and preferred payment method. SwivelUK ensures a secure and encrypted checkout process to safeguard your information.

6. Confirm Your Order:

Carefully review your order summary, including the selected ceiling lamp, quantity, and total cost. Ensure that all details are accurate before confirming your purchase.

7. Payment:

Complete your order by making a secure payment using your preferred payment method. SwivelUK accepts various payment options, making it convenient for you to finalize your purchase.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Space with SwivelUK Ceiling Lamps

Transform your living spaces into illuminated havens with SwivelUK's exquisite collection of ceiling lamps. From contemporary designs to energy-efficient functionality, our ceiling lamps are crafted to enhance the beauty and usability of your home or office. Order your SwivelUK ceiling lamp today and experience the perfect blend of style and illumination. Enhance the ambiance of your living space with our exquisite ceiling lamps, carefully curated for both style and performance. Discover the latest in ceiling lighting and explore innovative ceiling light fittings that seamlessly blend with your existing decor. Our range extends beyond ordinary ceiling light fixtures, offering you an extensive array of options, from chic ceiling lamps for living rooms to versatile ceiling lights for low ceilings.

Finding the Perfect Ceiling Lamp for You

Choosing the right ceiling lamp for your home can be a daunting task. But with these tips, you can find the perfect one that fits both your personal style and functional needs. Whether you're looking for a traditional chandelier or a sleek pendant light, there is sure to be an option that will make your home shine! At Swiveluk, we offer a wide selection of ceiling lamps to suit your every need. So shop our collection today and find the perfect lamp for you! We also have a range of Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps, and Table Lamps to complete your home.
With our selection of ceiling lamps, finding the perfect lighting solution has never been easier! are you looking for more lamps click here for more detail.

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Swivel UK offers a wide range of lighting options, including Desk Lamps, Ceiling Lamps, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Wall Lamps and Bubble Lamp Illuminate your space with their stylish and functional lighting solutions.

Frequently ask Questions

Q1: What ceiling lamps are best for a small space?

A: For smaller spaces and lower ceilings, recessed lights or wall sconces are the best options. They provide directional lighting without taking up too much space.

Q2: Does a lamp use less electricity than a ceiling light?

A: Generally speaking, ceiling lights tend to use more electricity than lamps. However, LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular as they provide energy-efficient lighting and produce virtually no heat.

Q4: What kind of ceiling lamps can I use in my kitchen?

A: Pendant lights are a great option for kitchens as they provide both task and ambient lighting. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of styles and sizes to suit your taste and needs.

Q5: What ceiling lamps are best for a modern home?

A: For a more modern look, consider sleek pendant lights or recessed lighting. Additionally, LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular as they provide energy-efficient lighting and produce virtually no heat.