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Poul Henningsen Style

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Danish author, architect and critic Poul Henningsen was one of the leading thinkers of his day. Born in 1894, his name was so widely-acclaimed that he became known by his first and last initials – PH. Though he never completed formal education, Henningsen’s adherence to basic principles of logicality and presentation, as well as social themes of tolerance and respect, ensured a successful career. His contributions to literature and design can be seen even in the 21st Century. Best known for lighting design, Henningsen was a keen supporter of functionalism. His famous collection, the PH-Lamp, was elegant and yet practical in terms of light dispersion in a room. Such was the success of this model, he went on to create a range of desk and floor lamps. The logevity and timelessness of his creations is evident today, with his iconic pieces featured in homes and commercial spaces the world-over.