Sesann Sofa - Three Seater
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Sesann Sofa - Three Seater

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Depth: 100cm

Height: 70cm

Width: 235cm


Sesann Sofa Three Seater: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

Finding the ideal harmony between comfort and design in the world of home furnishings may frequently feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. The Sesann Sofa fills that need, giving a seamless fusion of exquisite comfort and fascinating style that will turn any living space into a refuge of luxury and relaxation.

You are making a statement when you bring home the Sesann Sofa, not merely buying a piece of furniture. This three-seater sofa was expertly crafted with attention to every last detail, ensuring that it will seamlessly combine form and function and become the focal point of your living area. The Sesann Sofa is more than simply a seat; it's also a place to rest after a long day and a blank canvas on which to display your unique sense of design.

Detailed Product Description

Designer: Crafted under the inspiration of Gianfranco Frattini, showcasing timeless design and craftsmanship.
Exclusivity: Available exclusively at Swivel UK, ensuring a unique addition to your collection.
Construction: Built with high-grade materials for unmatched durability and support.
Comfort: Features plush, generously padded cushions for an unparalleled seating experience.
Upholstery Options: Offers a range of premium fabric choices, including sumptuous velvet and authentic, soft-touch leathers.
Design: Characterized by a sleek, low-profile silhouette and deep, inviting seats, ideal for both modern and classic interiors.
Customizable Finishes: Legs come in various finishes, allowing for personalization to fit your decor.
Functionality: The spacious three-seater design provides ample room for relaxation and socializing.
Centerpiece Worthy: Its elegant design and comfort make it a standout piece for living rooms or luxurious office settings.
Durability and Quality: Every stitch and detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring a high-quality, durable sofa.

Features and Benefits Sesann Sofa Three Seater

Plush Comfort Beyond Compare

With its plush cushions, the Sesann Sofa envelops you in a level of relaxation that resembles a warm hug. Lean back and relax in the plushness while your day's concerns fade. Because of the ergonomic design, your body will be well supported, making it perfect for relaxing or hosting events.

Aesthetic Marvel

The Sesann Sofa is an aesthetic joy in addition to its comfort. It emanates a timeless elegance with its sleek lines, modern shape, and luxurious upholstery. This sofa fits in perfectly with a variety of decorative styles, whether your interior design is more traditional or modern minimalist.

Durable Craftsmanship

Making a furniture purchase should be a long-lasting choice. Excellent craftsmanship and long-lasting materials ensure the lifetime of the Sesann Sofa. Every component of your sofa, from the strong structure to the premium upholstery, has been meticulously chosen to guarantee that it will last for many years to come.

Dimensions and Specifications: Finding the Perfect Fit

The measurements are important when choosing a sofa. The Sesann Sofa was carefully created to fit both large and small living spaces without sacrificing comfort or beauty.
Width: 235 cm
Depth: 70 cm
Height: 70 cm
Seating Capacity: Three people

These dimensions make the Sesann Sofa an excellent choice for a range of living room sizes. Its versatile seating capacity and upholstery options allow you to tailor the sofa to match your lifestyle and preferences.

Sesann Sofa Three Seater-Care Instructions: Preserving Beauty and Comfort

Proper care is necessary to guarantee that your Sesann Sofa keeps its appeal and comfort for years to come.
Regular Cleaning: Vacuum your sofa with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and debris. For upholstery maintenance, gently blot any spills with a clean cloth.

Fluff Cushions of Three-Seater

Regularly fluff and rotate the cushions to maintain their shape and comfort. This simple practice prevents uneven wear and tear.

Avoid Direct Sunlight on Sesann Sofa Three Seater

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading and damage to the upholstery. Place your sofa away from windows or use curtains to shield it.

Professional Cleaning Of Sesann Sofa Three Seater

Consider professional upholstery cleaning every 12 to 18 months, depending on usage. This helps remove deep-seated dirt and keeps the fabric looking vibrant.

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1. Does the Sesann Sofa need to be put together?

Yes, very little assembly is necessary. The required tools and clear instructions are included with the sofa.

2. Can I have the upholstery changed?

Absolutely! Your choices can be accommodated by the Sesann Sofa's selection of upholstery materials and colors.

3. Are there cushions that can be replaced?

Indeed, you may buy replacement cushions to prolong the life of your sofa.

4. How long is the warranty good for?

A standard 2-year guarantee that covers manufacturing flaws is included with the Sesann Sofa.

5. Can tall people sit comfortably on the Sesann Sofa?

The Sesann Sofa offers lots of legroom and support for people of all heights thanks to its roomy dimensions and ergonomic design.

Gianfranco Frattini Inspired